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Construction & Renovation

Construction of an equestrian arena begins with establishing a purpose, recognizing the disciplines that will utilize it, formulating a budget, designating a location and understanding the customers desires. These five goals are crucial to properly constructing or expanding an equestrian arena.

The base is the most important part of the arena itself. Our team recommends installing a stone dust base to proper slope and elevation utilizing a laser guided system and rolling the installed base to ideal firmness. The footing selected, whether pre-blended or blended onsite, should be laser graded to a depth that is suitable to the riding discipline or desires of the customer. Our team utilizes low ground pressure laser grading machines that leave little to no impact on the base and can grade to within +/- 1/8" within a 20 foot radius in any direction.

Our team has the capabilities of installing drainage pipe if  necessary to move water quickly away from riding arena.

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