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Footing Installation/Modification

Fields & Footings understands everyone has their own personal preference on footing and are willing to install a footing that meets their desires and needs.  We have the ability to modify current footings, helping stay within strict budgets.

Equestrian Footings

The science of equestrian footings dives a little deeper than knowing the physical make up of what is in your footing, sand, rubber, fibers, etc. The biomechanics of a footing is the direct relation between how the footing performs under impact and reaction the horse endures during landing, loading, and puff-off. The integrity of your footing is dependent on the combined behavior and comfort of the horse and it's rider. Selecting an ideal footing entails understanding the biomechanics of the riding discipline you wish to execute.

  • Dust Free Footing

  • Geo Textiles

  • Custom Blended Sand

  • Rubber​

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